Whistler’s Mother


1  Intend, in bygone days, to be the most average? (7)
5  Crow after sailor returned a load of money (7)
9  More idealistic? (7)
10 Genuine funny bone (4,3)
11 Hard rock with a lot of bass and plenty of high notes (6)
12 One time-travelling back to battleground (5)
14 Bottom with a mind of its own? (4,6)
16 Artist returned fish after weekend (4)
18 Call, ring – could be start of something cold! (4)
19 Leading Lady announced before Pop Queen (5,5)
21 Enviro-doctor accepting furnishings, etc (5)
22 Mischievous child often found in shallow water (6)
26 Illuminated, at night, low louse left aboard (7)
27 Spotted encrusted meat, worn down (7)
28 Every yes-man’s an appeaser (7)
29 Ascending notes disappoint (7)
1  “Whistler’s Mother” unfinished until head added (5)
2  Plant ET’s successor on Earth initially (4)
3  Memorials, mine, found in junk heaps (8)
4  Silver wasn’t returned to island kingdom (5)
5  Difficult situation with tester flying in rapid air current (3,6)
6  A cat might like a catamite? (6)
7  Tea, love? Jeeves regularly imbibed (10)
8  Became raw issues, allowing surfers to see one another (3,6)
13 Appears relaxed, taking drug at kindy (10)
14 I surface before a nut (9)
15 At Riga, Uri wielding invisible axe (3,6)
17 Inform that enemies retreated after sixth year (6,2)
20 By pursuing thrill regularly, I inwardly felt warmer (6)
23 Sports prize before I’d winged archer (5)
24 Spooner’s boy taking heart from 16 (5)
25 Hard to find alias for traditional challenge (4)



7 thoughts on “Whistler’s Mother

  1. We treated ourselves to this today post-review – taxing as, but very enjoyable! We particularly liked 14 across (took us ages, but we laughed like drains when we got it), 8 down and 20 down (very clever), 13 down (we just loved the image) and 15 down (we thought our mythology was lacking until we finally got it at which point we burst out laughing simultaneously). We also enjoyed 27 across, given that all of us but one said “Ew!” and the leftover one looked at us in astonishment and said “Well, obviously it’s [that thing]. Oh, yeah, so it is! As ever, it’s all how you look at it. Thank you!


    • Thank you!

      And now, I have a small favour to ask…

      I have been trying to think of ways to reach a wider audience (apart from surreptitiously placing the odd crossword in cafes) – if I were to get up the courage to write to a magazine to ask if they’d like to feature my crosswords, would you mind one or two of your comments being quoted (anonymously) ? Being rather shy, and about as good at self promotion as – well, as someone you’ve never heard of – I need all the help I can get!

      (So far I have (very tentatively) set my sights on “Organic NZ”, “Kia Ora” and … this is awfully pretentious of me … “Landfall” … Not that I’ve asked them yet, just drafting emails…)

      On 28 December 2014 at 00:59, Māyā of Auckland wrote:



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