Breaking fresh ground

This one has a bit of a theme 🙂

18-10-14 13x13 (coffee) GRID

1 Compare price without, old bean! (6)
4 Princess I’ve almost returned to capital (6)
8 Improve appearance of, say, “Don Camillo and the Devil” (5)
9 A German aboard a horse? It’s inevitable! (6)
11 Guest nun ordered medicinal creams (8)
12 Murdered a type of 1 across (4)
14 Artist who might take sugar? (6)
15 Clean space (6)
17 Insignia, oddly, removed for her (4)
18 A ragtime medley used to interpret Hebrew (8)
20 Heather loses head to a fellow offering the continent (6)
21 Make clothes quickly in period before election (3-2)
22 Differently routed? (6)
23 Come this way to be essential! (6)
1 Type of 1 across is a monkey? No comment! (10)
2 A perk of having a forelock? (6,7)
3 Sees pros drunk (though not on this) (8)
5 Butter up a mountain? (4)
6 One concern: curious about dog. The incident didn’t happen… (13)
7 …in the night-time? (To get a 1 across) (5)
10 Broadcast mad appeals for a masculine feature (5,5)
13 Final letter received by female relatives holding a cold beverage (8)
15 Confronted uplifting type of 1 across, without the usual effect (5)
19 It’s grim up north, hiding wood (4)

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2 thoughts on “Breaking fresh ground

  1. Everything old is new again chez Androzani as we finally were able to get together and do battle for the first time in 2015. We particularly enjoyed the theme of this one; in fact some may say we are a little *too* obsessed with it:). Lots of lovely fun clues, and we laughed out loud at 14 Across, 15 Across and 10 Down. Many thanks!


  2. Thank you! 🙂 I am considering using an expanded version of this one in my new gig, on the theory that you – and I – aren’t the only people who will appreciate the theme. If I do I will bear in mind your comments! (You may have noticed, by the way, that this was a smaller grid – 13 by 13 – just to see whether that made any difference compared to the more usual 15 x 15.)

    PS I am currently working on my Jumbo Winter Crossword in the hope that my editor at “Channel” will like the idea (she hasn’t replied to this suggestion yet, but public holidays and so on have intervened…)


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