Stop making coffee?


1 Figure doctor turns away able-bodied (5)
2 Bird I found in silly chap-book, starting from the end (9)
8 Two soldiers almost shoot Californian popular at Christmas (5,3)
9 Discrimination shown by copper probing final utterance of supplicant (6)
11 Plug separator without a blended core (7)
12 Get bread from guy around lunchtime (7)
13 It could be found a cave? As used by bats? (4-8)
15 And yet always at least breaking even (12)
17 Particular emitter attacked solar power regularly (7)
18 Cry of discovery after almost everyone’s swallowing your poison (7)
19 Numbers from zero to 3.14159 sum approximately (6)
20 “Braveheart” to have Disney in the lead role with hands crossed (8)
21 Official: he loves things! (9)
22 Roger eating a lot of crumbs (5)
1 Wise men (with glasses) boarding taxi to disclose secret of complex road junction (5,10)
2 Pop, say, backed Mom: eating uranium can be a cause of distress! (5)
3 Strange if Mrs Thatcher was heading off a distributor of largess (6,9)
4 Stop making coffee? (5,2,1,4)
5 Half-heartedly, I drop by wearing a flower (need to be earlier!) (15)
6 Partly overturned alibi has me mistrusting respected lady (8)
7 Rings aunts able to dance can-can earlier (15)
10 The classroom’s disrupted, but not by him (12)
14 More work arrives gradually? (8)
16 How extremities secured in harness make a striking sound (6)



2 thoughts on “Stop making coffee?

  1. It may give a vital hint about our intellectual level if we mention that of the three crosswords we had we started with this one because the squares were the biggest.So many fun clues! We were particularly charmed by 5 down. And imagine the length of the argument when not all of were sure 19 across was a legitimate word and we had no internet access. Just like ye olde times! But probably our favourite clue was 8 across. We don’t want to spoil, so we will redact, but “XXXXX pip, anyone? Oh, go on, it’s only once a year” had us as close to literally r-ing on the f as we’re ever likely to get. Splendid stuff!


  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!! 😀

    Yes, 19 across was one I checked several times, but the dictionary assured me it was a real word (and I tried to make that a fairly easy clue so there wouldn’t be any doubt once it had been solved…)


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