A cruciverbalist on Mars


1 A lab backed away from an instrument of early space exploration? (5)
4 Limb able to support first to step onto dry land (9)
8 33’s president captured by Slovakia after sending one east (7)
9 Space traveller from flamboyant star in region first entered (7)
11 Musical groups back reversal of change to company (6)
13 Most of beer round, oddly poured into bath or pitcher (4,4)
14 Hunting Yeti? Better try here (5)
15 Scientist who’s recently discovered mass (6)
17 Grasses allowed to grow back for a 33 (7)
20 Agent broadcasts what happened to 23ac in 1993, for example (7)
23 Observer of spherical region initially lacking boron; space filled by hydrogen (6)
26 Attendant to Queen losing first helper (5)
27 Play the Last Trump, like Elizabeth the First’s chin? (4-4)
28,32 A straightforward application of 15’s work? Apparently not (6,7)
31 Respected one’s “feminine” (define obliquely) (7)
32 See 28
33 Took seat left in top drawer for attendant (9)
34 Who’d throw a party for parasites? (5)
1 Girl heard exclaiming over what cowboys do (8)
2 One night in Paris for Northerners (5)
3 Give woman a metric prefix for food colouring (7)
4 Mongolian emperor changing sides to gain ancient symbol (4)
5 Fighter, highly regarded, changed countries (8)
6 I force hair around dangerous redhead (7)
7 Conductance, electric current and magnetic field intensity inside a resistor (6)
10 Centre-right earlier backed support for the muttering of crowds (7)
12 Genesis of Satan-inspired naughtiness? (3)
13 Particle loses a gamble (3)
16 “Doctor Who” free about the thing referred to (7)
18 Type of writing I hear 15 described mathematically! (8)
19 Skill of catching amphibian in cup-size cape (8)
21 Gland evolved from real DNA (7)
22 Martian volcano’s trouble for Thor (3)
23 Female protagonist’s no angel? (3)
24 Wee blockage I hurl to destruction (7)
25 Sojourner and co. head off cowboys (6)
29 Money received, no thanks to Cambridge institution (5)
30 I state my intention to rock! (4)



3 thoughts on “A cruciverbalist on Mars

  1. We loved the theme to this one, and because we know a bit about this subject we found it (a little ) easier. Which is not to say easy or anywhere near it! In fact, after we finished your crosswords, we turned to a Telegraph “Toughie” and ripped through it in minutes. In stark contrast! Laughed most at: 28/32 across and 34 across (tee hee!)


  2. I’m glad you liked it. I have to admit this theme only occurred to me because I am trying to get a gig with a magazine or website, or – well anyone who might be interested in publishing my efforts for a wider audience (much as I appreciate the one I already have, of course!)

    And since one of these (very much potential) 34 acrosses happens to have a sciency sort of slant … voila!


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